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Lee Muslin



Chester County

Guided by intuition, I create art that is about expression and movement. Abstraction allows me to respond to my internal world of feeling. I am drawn to the freedom and the challenges inherent in painting that is not based in reality but in imagination. It is an improvisational process of experimentation and discovery that captures the unconscious to bring forth an emotional response. As an avid swing dancer, it is only natural that the rhythm of music seeps into my work. I listen to music while I paint and respond accordingly, fast, slow, calm, excited.

Painting in the moment, I yield to the process to unearth the painting's potential. Then I step back to evaluate the formal concerns of line, color, shape and balance to influence my next move. The resulting visual dance creates many layers of paint over line and texture leaving intriguing traces of what came before. This sense of movement that overflows with emotion is intended to lift your spirit and stimulate your mind and soul.


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