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Marie Wolfington-Jones

Mixed Media


 Artist County

Taken as a whole, my oil and mixed media paintings may seem to be very disparate in style, medium and technique; however there are some elements that are common to everything I do. I'm drawn to images that "alert" me the way a familiar smell or recognized sound will inexplicably cause us to jump the curb while traveling down memory lane. They have an implied drama, whether it's a stormy sky, an oncoming car, a surreal combination of characters, even a peaceful scene with some minor anomaly. The physical construction of the piece also comes into play, whether I've built the panel, doubled up frames, doused it in acrylic resin - or not. In my work there are interlocking pieces, layers and wonderful mistakes that live alongside traditionally painted takes on our visual world. When I'm dreaming up, experimenting and making "stuff", there's a spark that turns it into ART, which I try not to question too much. But looking around the studio, I can see the influence of early penmanship classes - a lot of my brushwork and design elements have a definite slant and I am currently exploring the calligraphic possibilities of squeeze tubes with syringe tips. Almost never a dull moment...