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Linda Lurcott



Chester County

I am a maker. In metal smithing, I love how metal can flow and bend to craft form. I respect the creative process, and I enjoy when that process results in a piece of beautiful jewelry. My small organic sculptures are created from metal using water and straw broom casting techniques. Water casting produces cup shapes, like a shell or nest. Broom castings can resemble icicles. The results from each of these casting techniques can stand alone or multiple casting pieces can be combined with precious stones to fashion a unique jewelry piece. Texture, volume and subtle depth are introduced into my work through fusing and forming metal working techniques. Forming adds volume without excess weight, while fusing and forming together introduce an element of dimensional interest as well as a touchable quality. When combined, these processes create a sensory experience with volume and/or texture. I aspire to create unique jewelry pieces with a multi-dimensional quality that will evoke sentimental and/or sensory experiences for the wearer. I recognize that jewelry is an emotional purchase; someone might purchase a piece of jewelry to wear because they love the look or feel of it, or they might purchase a piece of jewelry for someone they love. Evoking sentiment by way of senses or feelings is my creative intention. I am a maker. Ultimately, I love creating beauty and bringing that beauty to others.