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Deanna Haldeman



Delaware County

The process of making something that becomes an important part of people's everyday life is very rewarding for me. People use their favorite mug every day and if it breaks they may spend years looking for the perfect replacement. The way the mug feels when cradled in your hands, how it's lip feels on your lips as you drink from it, and even how the liquid flows out of it are all important to your enjoyment of it. The shape, size, texture, weight, and obviously how the piece looks should all be considered when picking out your pottery. Some pottery will become part of your everyday life; like your favorite mug, bowl or snack plate. Others will only make an appearance at special events; like the serving bowl for the cranberry sauce or stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner. Some may make the seamless transition from decorative to functional that platters make when taken from the coffee table to be used to serve food at a party. However you use it, I hope you enjoy using your Deramics Clay Studio pottery as much as I enjoyed making it.