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Joe Milligan



 Artist County

Working in watercolor is one of the most challenging art forms. The unpredictability of the pigment and water is the characteristic that helps me form dramatic skies, seas, and the physical texture of real objects. Techniques such as graded washes, transparent color layering, dry brush detail and the reserved white of the paper, are all used in varying degrees to create paintings infused with emotion. As a realistic watercolor artist, my paintings have been described as sensitive and emotional. Whether working 'en plein air' or in the studio, I invoke a sense of realism of time and place, using a keen sense of observation of the subjects and their surroundings. A lifelong resident of southeastern Pennsylvania, I spent my childhood Summers at the New Jersey shore. My grandfather and uncles were carpenters and baymen; a heritage which has influenced me throughout my life. Some of my fondest memories are of the barrier islands with unpaved gravel roads, wooden boats, empty beaches and rock jetties. This natural innocence influences my choice of subjects and my art. My work is in private and corporate collections in North America, Bermuda and Europe.