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Cyndi Philkill

Mixed Media


Delaware County

I have always loved art materials from as early as I can remember. This is what has drawn me to mixed media and assemblage. I love the way a paint brush feels in my hand, the richness of color that an oil pastel leaves as i draw it across the paper, the second skin that dried glue leaves on my fingers or the way old letters carry the memory and essence of the person who wrote it. I utilize old paper, ephemera, hand-printed tissue paper, old letters, correspondence, found objects and other items that many people would throw away. I love people, hearing their stories and discovering some insight into who they have become and why. My artwork often combines my love for people and their stories with using unusual materials and supplies to tell those stories. I try to offer some insight and curiosity about people and their lives to the viewer. I currently work at a hospice and train volunteers to visit with hospice patients bringing them companionship and socialization. My current work explores the marginalization of the elderly and how we often miss or dismiss the experiences and inner-life of our elders. My mixed-media pieces encourage the viewer to see our elders as people to be seen and known beyond the external-looking for their inner life, dreams and passions.