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Lorri Primavera



Delaware County

I trace my passion for making things back to early childhood. My father was a furniture make and I remember spending countless hours in his studio, sanding, assembling and watching the artistic process. However, even at a young age I knew I was drawn to smaller objects. I received a fine arts degree in sculpture and jewelry from The University Of Dayton and through the years have been passionate about painting, fibers, clay, wood, metals, mosaic and stained concrete. My husband and I have, with our two children, over the years renovated two sad little homes into jewels using many reclaimed, local and nontraditional materials along with our artistic talents. This was all before these ideas were considered “green”. These combined experiences come into play with every new creative experience. I am a firm believer in “less is more” and think that what is left out of a piece is just as, or more, important than what is included. My process is intuitive and begins with shape and color but ultimately is about the wearer and how they will feel in one of my pieces. I strive to create jewelry that rise above trends and have a lasting aesthetic. One of the things I love most is when people tell me how good they feel wearing one of my pieces. It is a very intimate process from start to finish. In 1997, along with two other artist/friends, I co-founded Heron Studios, a working artist community in a local circa 1800’s fabric mill. Later in researching the building we found that some 100 years ago there had been a similar community. Today it houses over 20 artists studios and continues to grow into a wonderful artist enclave. It is such an inspiring place where critique and camaraderie are always on hand. It keeps me centered and connected in a way that having an isolated studio couldn’t. I believe that fine craftsmanship and creativity creates a web of community that makes us all stronger. I hope my philosophy and love of what I do is evident in my work.