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Trina Brand



Delaware County

My current work is charged with energy. I am continually inspired by Joan Mitchell, Philip Guston and de Kooning. I often work with collage which provides added texture and richness. As I begin work, I am reminded of the pure joy of putting brush to canvas, charcoal to paper or texture to collage. The sensual feeling of process can be quite spiritual in and of itself. The joy and struggle to create art begins with an idea then extends into a direction. My paintings are involved with color, calligraphy and spatial relationships. The work originates organically as it resolves abstractly. My work is kept in flux as each change, however small, impacts the whole. Over the years my images and materials have changed however the artwork continues to focus on color, movement, composition, texture and space. In the beginning of the process, I allow the painting to lead me and then I lead the painting. I feel a work is complete when all the parts are choreographed and unified to a new reality.