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Alan Soffer



Delaware County

Painting the Reality of the mind in hot wax, acrylic, & oil. There are all sorts of moods expressed for those who are honest about letting their subconscious rule their art. At times the work is very serious, very heavy, very moody, very low key. But then comes the high notes and here is a series of very high notes, chock full of color, powerful contrasts in value, texture, and abstract imagery. You can't ask why. There is no why; only what is. This may be the parallel to existential literature. There is a lot of passion pouring forth here and it is coming from a really good place. I saw a quote from Picasso that his best work came from pain. Maybe I have to experience more pain to reach the next level, but this is a vibrant, warm place coming from joy and love of life! No pain here. There are references to previously indulging in abstract geometry, travels to France, impressions from literature, line versus mass. Such stuff simply pops out. Sometimes it manages to find its place and drive the painting and other times it is just a passing fancy and dissolves into the many layers that lie beneath the visible surface, but are still very important to the journey. I can't talk about art without mentioning that I always consider the great Mythologist, Joseph Campbell, to be my mentor. His ideas permeate whatever has been important about what I'm about.