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Joan Thomson


(908) 405-8511


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Creating art has been a lifelong passion for me. I have been an artist and educator since college. I have focused in two areas, Painting and Ceramics. Art is a continual learning process that I am always challenged by. The last few years, I have been focused on creating a body of work in watercolors that depicts seascapes and landscapes. Watercolors are very exciting for me to paint. They can be loose and spontaneous or subtle and graceful.
I have spent a lifetime of summers on the Barnegat Bay. I am constantly amazed by the beauty and inspired by the water, sky, land and plant forms. I strive to capture natures colors as they are revealed by the time of day, weather and light.
I seek to capture a moment in time. The pattern in a sky, the color of the water, a solitary spot on the beach, that connects with the viewer makes a painting meaningful.
Many of us, create lasting memories of nature that include water, patterns in nature and personal experiences. I am drawn to capture these scenes that connect people to our beautiful yet fragile environment.
I believe many of us get a great deal of comfort and awe of the amazing beauty of nature. I never tire of a graceful sunset or a wild colored sky that blows past. Painting these moment sand communicating my interpretations is what challenges me daily.

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