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Nicole Wandersee

Mixed Media

(484) 639-3623

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I work in primarily pen, pencil and charcoal focusing mainly on animals. I love to bring out the animal’s personality, or give it one based on my weird sense of humor. I want my animals to show their emotions which in turn makes them relatable to the viewer. At times I will add a pop of color if I think the piece should have it.

I love getting lost in creating the details in order to show the uniqueness and magnificence of each animal. The features. The textures. The eyes. I enjoy putting different species together in a piece. Sometimes, animals who would be natural enemies will be the best of friends in my world.

I vary my techniques from piece to piece, with some being more detailed than others. Sometimes my subjects speak for themselves without being placed in a scene, while other times I feel the best way to convey the spirit of the animal is to place them within an environment. The end result is really what I feel from that particular animal(s).

I love seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces when looking at my pieces. My passion for animals, creating art, and making people smile is what keeps me going.

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