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Mandy Martin


(267) 261-7800

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My acrylic paintings are about being free to experience life! I paint with bold colors and expressive brushstrokes because life is too short to hold back. When I look at flowers or a landscape, I see a miraculous display of color and movement unfolding before my eyes. Nature seems to accomplish the task of survival with such beauty and ease. To capture that feeling of wonder, I exaggerate color, contrast and shape. Every brushstroke reflects the freedom to express what is moving me.

Poppies are featured in many of my paintings, symbolizing resilience and rebirth. They are my favorite flower, and when they bloom each summer, they are so stunning! I am amazed by how something so beautiful and fragile can be so resilient. It is this combination of fragility and strength that inspires me to paint them again and again.

One question I’m often asked is what the numbers in some of the pieces represent. When we used to come back from vacation, we would take our film to get developed. Many times we would rip open the packet in the car before even leaving the parking lot, because we couldn’t wait to re-live the trip. Part of that experience was seeing the negatives, which had mysterious numbers along the sides. I started embedding similar random numbers along the sides on some of my paintings to evoke that feeling of another time, before the digital age, when we anticipated the little joys and things moved at a slower pace.

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