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Ron Saltzman


(703) 447-9518


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I am a Fine Art Photographer: I control the creative process from start to finish, capturing, editing and printing the photo.
All of my prints are Giclée*, meaning they are a permanent print using a 100% cotton/rag inkjet paper and pigment inks. Most inkjet dyes fade, but pigment inks are permanent. These prints are considered archival and will last generations if properly displayed.
I use a unique, textured, glossy paper with a metallic coating that adds to the viewing experience, so much so that, like a painting, I no longer put glass in front of the framed print to enhance your viewing experience. The results are stunning, seeing is believing!
PRINTS: While my website contains medium resolution JPEGs, ALL prints are made from the full HIGH-resolution files that range in size from 48 - 500 Megabytes, and in some cases over a Terrabyte!

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