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Megan McCrea


(610) 564-2701


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Mother Earth’s cyclical nature teaches us so much, if we only take the time to pay attention. As a landscape artist, she is my muse, and I hope my artwork offers an invitation to pause, consider, and appreciate her beauty. I most often draw inspiration from local Chester County destinations, such as the Okehocking Preserve, but I am also inspired by my travels.

Soft pastels are incredible tools to work with and have become my medium of choice. Essentially small blocks of raw color pigment, soft pastels have been compacted and combined with the least possible amount of binder. It’s the same exact pigment used in oil paintings, but oil paint pigment is bound together with a liquid. Because pastels lack a heavy binder, pastel artwork is able to remain as rich and vibrant as the day they were created, lasting for generations, so long as they are protected from sun exposure and humidity. I love their versatility and the ability to mix them with alcohol to create vibrant underpaintings that peak through the finished painting. Dry pastels can then be layered over top, giving me the opportunity to play with color, value, tone and various marks, to create the finished piece.

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