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Claire Rosen


(973) 865-3441


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Claire Rosen is an award-winning artist whose whimsical photographic work often features anthropomorphized animals, fairy tale-esque heroines, or rich still-lives evocative of classical painting. Though the work is rooted in traditional themes and aesthetics, it is intended to create dialogue around contemporary issues such as the need for animal advocacy and environmental conservation.

Claire twice earned a place on Forbes “30 under 30” list for Art & Design and has been featured on NPR and in National Geographic, Refinery29, Smithsonian Magazine and The Washington Post. Her work has been exhibited from New York to Seoul and can be found in a number of collections. Her book, IMAGINARIUM: The Process Behind the Pictures, covers the artistic practice of photography and she has lectured on the topic of creativity worldwide.

Claire is the resident artist and creative director of the historic Warwick Furnace Farm, a lavender farm in the pastoral French Creek Valley in northern Chester County. This expansive three dimensional canvas includes her eclectic home, curiosity filled studio, and a beautiful gallery space with a developing art and guest artist program. Along with her family, she is restoring the property and running a small business cultivating their Certified Naturally Grown lavender and handcrafting natural artisan lavender products.

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