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Gregory Blue


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My landscape paintings are inspired by the simple beauty I have always found in nature, enhanced by my observation of light and color. I believe nature inspires awe in each of us, evoking common memories and experiences. It is what draws us to the natural world and reminds us of the importance of preserving and protecting our planet.

Several years ago, I learned of Stroud Preserve, 570 acres of protected open space, cultivated and maintained by Natural Lands. Stroud sparked my imagination and reminded me of the fields, woods, and farmland where I played as a boy. The hilltops enable similar vistas across a patchwork of fields and woodlots, and looking up from the path to the top of the hills, purple-top grasses reach into a blue sky. I’ve painted plein air, made pencil sketches, taken photos, and in some instances, just enjoyed the sound of the wind alone with my thoughts.

In partnership with Natural Lands, I’ve begun a project to capture this experience; “A Year at Stroud” a body of work inspired by the course of changing light across the four seasons. It is a meditation on the world of Stroud as I have come to know it.

A portion of your purchase of my work goes to support Natural Lands’ environmental conservation and research, their efforts to combat climate change and preserve open space for the enjoyment of the public and future generations.

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