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Rachel Romano


(484) 288-0170


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"It is my hope that when people view my paintings they are taken somewhere within their own story."
Rachel Romano is a contemporary American artist who tells stories with her layered figurative paintings. After a diverse career history in advertising, architecture, and landscape design, Romano found her calling as a fine artist/visual storyteller in 2015. Since then, she has received awards, attended multiple residencies in Europe, been interviewed for various publications, and has been exhibited and collected around the world. In short, the response Romano's work has received has been overwhelmingly positive.
Spontaneity, constant evolution, allegory, symbolism, and both personal and popular myth are all intrinsic to Romano's art. The colorful palette she uses on her large linen surfaces adds whimsy to quasi-Shakespearian scenes. Ultimately, Romano's storied paintings are open for individual interpretation - and she encourages it.

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