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Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg

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Steven Schaefer


(484) 502-4530


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My Artistic journey began growing up in Havertown, Pa. As a child, exploring the outdoors was my favorite form of entertainment. Playing in the woods, fishing, camping, and countless days at the local creek, allowed me to study the infinite complexities of Nature up close. In 2013, I took my first glassblowing class at Glasslight Studio in St. Peters, Pa. this started my lifelong journey of becoming a glass artist. In the years that followed, I began to experiment with color and how to exploit the alchemy of their composition to produce a unique voice amongst thousands of years of tradition. In 2019, my focus shifted to making solid glass sculpture. I moved away from blown practical shapes into a realm of abstraction and distortion. My exploration of ethereal light and color moving through a space beyond the confines of two dimensions continues.

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