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Susan Bankert


(610) 213-5573


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I first discovered clay while I was in high school in upstate New York. In college, I was able to continue pursuing my study of clay, learning from talented potters and establishing my foundation of making, loving and appreciating the handmade object, in particular functional pots.

After years of studying and pursuing my love of clay, I established my own home studio and salt kiln in Sadsburyville, PA with the unwavering support of my husband and two beautiful daughters. At Barking Tree Pottery, I create functional pots full time, and host small private lessons, sharing my love of the craft.

I strive to make pots that possess an inviting, tactile and sensual surface, which attracts both the eyes and the hands of the user. I love seeing my pots filled with food and gracing a beautiful table, experiencing friends and visitors interacting with these pieces, often over a meal. It is this daily, tangible interaction with art made by the hands for the hands that I find so delightful.

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