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Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg

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Jaclyn Saddic




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My name is Jaclyn Leila (pronounced Jack-lin LIE-lah). I am a fashion designer who grew up in (and continues to create in) West Chester. Having grown up in a large, musical family, I am inspired by noise and chaos, maximalism and grandeur. My designs are bold, colorful, print-forward, and often glittering... nothing like what you might find in any given department store. I have degrees in both fine art and fashion design. These two principles are always guiding my wearable art, paying attention to detail, balance, and craftsmanship. I hope to inspire people to not take themselves so seriously, and to wear art that makes them smile. If you look better, you do better, and I aim to help others live by this philosophy!

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