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Terri Morse


(610) 659-8067


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Optimism and curiosity have guided my search for ways to bring sparkle and color to subjects in new ways. Experimenting with new materials and techniques helps me find ways to bring life to subjects that continue to inspire me.
We have a yard full of flowers, trees and all kinds of birds which are all wonderful subjects. Besides realistic watercolor batik and acrylic paintings, they also inform my abstract works.
Rocks and water are also subjects that fascinate me. Hiking, rafting and other travels have given me an abundance of reference material but I never tire of finding a stream glistening in the sun and layered with rocks of all sizes and shapes and textures to make me feel serene, peaceful and energized all at the same time.
Texture is a very appealing quality. The visual qualities of wax and rice paper add sparkle and beauty to batik paintings. Mica, pumice and crackle are a few of the ways to add dimension and literal sparkle to acrylics on rigid surfaces.
I’m passionate about continuing to learn and improve. Meeting collectors, students and enthusiasts is so important to those goals because there is nothing better than honest feedback.

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