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Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg
Woman with artichoke.jpg

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Lorraine Glessner

Painting - Mixed Media

(267) 566-7027


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Through the process of layering, scraping, excavating layers of encaustic and acrylic paint, I replicate nature’s destructive power as well as its regenerative abilities. Collaged fragments of found images act as another form of paint as well as trigger memory and create personal connections. Through the mark-making and painting process, the actual storied histories of the combined images is interwoven with my own personal experiences and imaginings about their history. As the painted and collaged layers accumulate, patterns begin to fuse, splinter and regenerate, acting as a metaphor for the volatility and vulnerability found in the relationships between earth and humankind and between humans themselves.

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