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Building a Wildflower Pattern in Colored Porcelain







Susan O’Hanlon Studio

Building a Wildflower Pattern in Colored Porcelain


Susan O’Hanlon

I am a colored porcelain ceramic artist, and I create tessellations and detailed patterns inspired by nature that I incorporate into my traditional pottery and ceramic jewelry. In my current work, I employ the Nerikomi and Neriagi traditions to design images in vertical blocks of colored porcelain. These images appear to be painted in meticulous detail, and are a source of delight and inspiration for the viewer. Every phase of this work - from color selection to image design, modeling, and application in my work - challenges a different skill set developed over years of creative endeavors. The techniques I use fully engage my artistic nature, challenge my technical skills with clay, and help me stretch the boundaries of what is possible in using clay as an artistic medium.

About the Demonstration

Learn how Susan uses the Nerikomi technique to create the illusion of depth and detail by blending, layering and stacking colored porcelain design components into a vertical tube of patterned clay. These vertical tubes (aka canes) are then sliced thinly on the horizontal plane and applied directly to her work or manipulated into three-dimensional objects. Susan will make a complicated process appear easy, and will happily answer all of your questions along the way!

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