Ceramic Slip Casting: start to finished form


Sunday, Sept 19





Pandemic Design Studio 908 Dekalb St. Bridgeport, PA. 19405

Ceramic Slip Casting: start to finished form


David Rozek

The process of slip casting is age old but things have changed. Our process is very tech heavy with 3-D modeling software, CNC Routing, and laser cutting to create the components of our forms. It is the use of these technologies that separate Pandemic Design Studio from most other ceramic production facilities in the region. Efficiency is paramount to our process and everything used in production is custom and unique to our Studio. Come see for yourself!

About the Demonstration

Ceramic Slip Casting: Come see the WHOLE process! Learn about how our molds are made, how plaster is cast to make the slip casting mold, and I will be taking you through all of the steps of slip casting from pouring in the slip to revealing the finished form and everything in between!