Chess Piece Process







I'm a guest artist at Barb Handler's home studio (#12), 8005 Ivy Ln, Elkins Park, PA 19027

Chess Piece Process


Donna Haines

I've always loved the challenge of engaging a creative idea through problem solving, deep concentration and examination and research. Once I begin to envision a work of art, I love to draw and calculate to discover the perfect balance, arrangement, and composition of my work. I love to share my ideas with others, and I often find that these exchanges offer new perspectives and layers for ways to further develop and refine my art works. I set a high standard for my work, and will rework and revise until I'm happy with the outcome. I find art making to be a joy and a grounding for my spirit.

About the Demonstration

I will display and describe the planning, calculations, mold making, and reproductive sequence required to achieve accurately sized and contoured multiples of a Stanton chess set. Conversation and questions encouraged! I will have photographs and examples of the steps involved from start to finish.