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Clay Monoprinting







1575 Bright Glad Cirle, Downingtown, PA 19335

Clay Monoprinting


Robin Sesan

From the age of three, I have been creating art. I never believed I was good enough to pursue art as a career. Instead I found my calling as a Psychologist and I continued to create art. I painted Winnie the Pooh murals in my college dorm rooms, took a few studio art classes in college, learned to quilt and made jewelry. But nothing felt like home until I discovered the art of Clay Monoprinting. I remember watching the late Mitch Lyons at an art fair demonstrating his process of using wet colored clay as paint and everyday materials to create amazing abstract art. I took a weekend workshop with Mitch and he soon became my mentor and friend. I go into my studio with little or no idea about what I am going to create. I mix up a few colors and begin to layer color on top of color, add texture and images. I do this until the piece speaks to me. It never fails that what I create is reflective of some internal emotional state or recent experience. I will never be able to separate the therapist from the artist – always trying to help people realize that beneath the layers is a spirit, a voice, a strength, which will guide us in this crazy adventure we call life. If only we let ourselves listen to and trust that voice.

About the Demonstration

Clay Monoprinting is a unique process of creating one-of-a-kind prints using permanently colored wet clay as paint. Robin will show you how she begins working on a slab of clay and adds different colors of wet clay (slip) in layers to create a background. From there she adds images, textures, shapes and figures creating both abstract and semi-abstract pieces of art. Using a sustainable material and a roller, she transfers what is on her slab to the material creating a monoprint.There are many surprises along the way and hidden gems emerge beneath the layers.

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