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Cyanotype Demonstation







795 W. Strasburg Rd. West Chester, PA 19382

Cyanotype Demonstation


Sarah Rafferty

Atwater Designs creates original, one-of-a-kind cyanotypes on paper in addition to an art print line, textiles, and stationery. Each piece is created using specimens from the natural world, found while on long strolls through the woods or from various trips around the globe. As an avid travel, Sarah often brings home specimens in her suitcase.

About the Demonstration

A cyanotype is the oldest photographic process created by Hershel in 1836. A combination of chemicals are mixed to create a photosensitive emulsion which is then brushed onto paper. Once dry, a specimen is laid on top and is exposed to UV light. After exposure, the specimen is removed and the paper is washed in a water bath. Where the specimen lay, the chemical washes away and the white of the paper shows through. Where the sun hit the emulsion, it will turn blue.

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