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Experimenting with Cold Wax and Oil







733 Pen Ambler Rd, Blue Bell, PA 19422

Experimenting with Cold Wax and Oil


Theresa Heidig Rooney

I am obsessed with painting fish and the bowls that contain them. I love their graceful movement, vivid color, and simple beauty. I love the way light hits the body of a fish and creates a luminous glow, one that I am continually striving to capture in my work. The bowls provide endless inspiration for me as well. The light reflected on the glass rim or on the surface of the water presents an exciting challenge for me to capture with paint. Recently I started adding cold wax to my process and am amazed with the ways my creative process has been enhanced. This medium has allowed me to loosen up, create texture and layers, and experiment with my imagery. For me, fish represent so many things - harmony, gracefulness, and tranquility, as well as feelings of loneliness and isolation. My painting ritual is a reminder that, even when life feels hard and uncertain, it is possible to move through with strenghth and grace, and to... just keep swimming

About the Demonstration

This interactive demonstration will give you a hands-on understanding of the fun and versatile cold wax and oil painting process. Theresa will talk about the what, why, and how's of working with cold wax and demonstrate some of the techniques and tools she uses to create texture, layers, and depth in her own work. All demo participants will have the opportunity to create their own mini cold wax and oil painting ~ no experience necessary! Just come and have fun!

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