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Plant Magic: Ecoprinting with Plants







Muse Artisan Boutique, 2948 Conestoga Rd. Glenmoore PA 19343

Plant Magic: Ecoprinting with Plants


Lisa Dawn White

What happens when you mix a trained horticulturist with a mixed-media maker who has trouble keeping her hands idle? A line of botanical arts that includes framed botanical collage, pressed flower jewelry and ecoprinted textiles. I’m always searching for pattern and repetition in nature and exploring ways to showcase her beautiful language – whether we bring Gaia inside and admire her in our homes, or invite her designs to adorn our bodies – magic is always afoot when we cocreate with plants.

About the Demonstration

I’ll provide a bird-eye view of preparing natural fibers such as silk, wool and linen to receive the tannins and dyes found in an assortment of local and exotic plants though a contact printing process called ecoprinting. I’ll share the techniques I use for mordanting fabrics, selecting and preparing the best plants for contact prints, mixing up botanical dyes, rolling fiber bundles and setting up a steam pot.

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