Translucence and Impermanence: creating depth in mixed media







20 E Bridge St, Spring City, PA, 19475

Translucence and Impermanence: creating depth in mixed media


Alecia Miller

I like to touch things, to feel their textures in my hands, to connect with things on a tactile level. This has led me on an artistic journey through fabric, clay, and mixed media. I have become a collector of signs and symbols that merge and flow across cultures; a collector of wonder and peace found in the woods; a collector of the sounds of bees and birds and wind and water; a collector of memories and mythologies that make up the stories of people's lives. As these work their way into my paintings, I hope to evoke the senses and spark some remnant of memory and wonder in the viewer - whether it is the quiet of their favorite hiking spot, the energy they feel upon waking, or a glimpse back through their childhood eyes.

About the Demonstration

With this demonstration, you'll see my step by step process for my mixed media paintings. Starting with an idea, finding fitting elements, and choosing colors that suit the mood, I’ll explain my choices and how the materials I use interplay. As I begin layering in the work, you'll see how things shift and change over the course of the painting, and discover how I make decisions on what stays visible and what gets let go.