Understanding Encaustic Art


Saturday, Sept 18





in my studio

Understanding Encaustic Art


Ann Breinig

I am a mixed media encaustic artist and photographer. I have an extensive knowledge of drawing, acrylic painting, pastel painting, printmaking, encaustic, collage, and mixed media two and three-dimensional work. I delight in varied textures, shapes and colors and pick up or photograph everything I find that inspires me. All this natural and cultural detritus ultimately finds its way into my art. Although my art is characterized by color and composition, these natural and cultural themes give my art a personal mooring. I enjoy researching a topic, understanding all its nuances and details, and then, producing a body of work based on that knowledge that I can pass on to others viewing my work. In my art I start with color, focus on composition and finish with unexpected details. I double majored in Spanish and art at Millersville University and, after graduating, became a Spanish teacher. Since I retired from teaching in 2009, I have dedicated myself to continuing my art education and creating art fulltime. My continuing art development includes classes at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and workshops from professional artists that I admire. I have participated in 12 group shows and 4 solo shows in the Delaware Valley and New York City. I grew up in Lititz, Pa and have also lived in Valencia, Spain, and Denver, Colorado. I now reside in Dresher, Pa. My paintings are primarily mixed media encaustic, incorporating my photography and with found papers and natural objects.

About the Demonstration

Encaustic? What is that? I will demonstrate the making of a piece of encaustic art while explaining what encaustic medium and paint are and how they have evolved over more than 3000 years. You will observe me begin, develop and finish a piece of art using encaustic. I will show you examples of the many possibilities that are available when creating encaustic art. Please come and share my enthusiasm!