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County Studio Tour creates a two-day event to showcase, highlight and share these artists with art connoisseurs, collectors, and curious neighbors. It is a unique experience to visit the studios of artists that you have admired over the years. The Studio Tour is a casual way to introduce yourself to the arts and become immersed in the creative talent scattered throughout the county.

2022 Schedule

Montgomery County:

Saturday, September 24

Sunday, September 25

2023 Schedule

Chester County:

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Meet The 2022 Chester County Artists
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It's All About The Journey
Here are three ways get started.



With over 600 signs scattered around the county, it's hard to miss. Follow the arrows to the studio and grab a catalogue and start your journey.


Not sure where to start. Click the "Find 5" logo and allow location sharing, we'll find the closest studios and even recommend a place to eat.


Add the studios that you want to visit to your itinerary. Once you have selected your studios click "Map It" and let Google maps prepare your directions.

Start Collecting

It's easy and it starts at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.

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Buying a piece of art from a local artist does so much, not just for the artist, but for the community. It nurtures and gives value to the creativity in that community. 

County Studio Tour has invited the artists to create only one County Collector for $75. Whether this is your first time buying original art or you are a seasoned collector, there is now something for everyone. 

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We are very excited to host our fifth annual Montgomery County Studio Tour on September 24th and 25th. The past two years have been, let’s say, interesting. Yet, we made our way through it all while successfully and safely keeping our studios open and sharing our art with the community. This year has its own hurdles that we must overcome but we can move about freely and exchange a smile with all 31 artists on this year’s tour.

Many new artists have joined us this year, proving once again that creativity continues to grow and blossom this fall in Montgomery County. Everyone is encouraged to venture throughout the county to share in our creative passion. 

These past two years prove that determination endures. We have nurtured our souls, grown creatively and honed our talents. Now that this celebrated weekend in September is at hand, we will be tidying our studios and showcasing new art to present to the public. We look forward to seeing you, and invite you to bring home some of this fresh, local art to enjoy.

Art has become a fixture in our community. Now you have the opportunity to support the creative forces behind this art. Meet this year’s artists and ask them questions about their work and what motivates them. May that conversation inspire you to bring a piece of their story into your house and to create a special place on a wall in your home.

Our studios house us as we house our art.

Jeff Schaller, Organizer & Founder

Are You an Artist Interested in Participating?

There are two counties to participate in.

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We are excited that ARTS MONTCO, MONTCO Forward and Citadel has partnered with us in supporting our mission of promoting local and regional artists. Artists contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of the area by presenting original artwork and sharing their studios with the public. 

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