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I am an artist and musician whose work is a reflection of my deep reverence for nature and spiritual practice.
As a visual story teller, I see an amplified mystical quality in all that nature brings - a common thread that weaves us all together.
My intention is for my work to create a relaxing and peaceful environment , a portal through which the viewer can enter and unwind - something they can enjoy living with for many years to come.
Inspiration comes in many ways : the sacred unfolding stillness of the lotus , the magnificent beauty and presence of the horse ( my original favorite subject since I was three ), the depth and intrigue of Renaissance style portraiture.....
I never really know what's next, and thats the joy of the journey!
I work mostly in oil on canvas, but also sometimes use watercolor and mixed media. Being a musician, and often collecting instruments, I have also started painting on guitars, using a technique that doesn't disturb the sound quality of the instrument.
I've been part of many solo and group shows over the years in California, New York , Philadelphia, Canada, Japan, Israel and India and I have also recently exhibited my work at the "world's biggest art show" - ArtExpo NY.
My illustrated "Women's Notebooks" have sold over a half million copies worldwide, and my CD "Clear Moon on Still waters"- music for solo bamboo flute and guitar will also be available here at the studio.

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