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I grew up on sparkles and dreams inhabited by rich colors. Optimism and curiosity have guided my search for ways to bring sparkle and color to subjects in new ways.
Floral and still life images came from my growing garden, while travels inspired a whole new array of subjects to explore. With travel halted in 2020, I spent most of my time learning about and painting abstracts.
Starting with the fluid beauty of watercolor, I have expanded into using other water media and working on a variety of substrates. Both aquabord and rice paper have been two of the substrates I’ve enjoyed the most for finding new ways of exploring familiar subjects.
Watercolor batik paintings offer textural beauty and unique challenges. They are painted on beautiful Japanese rice paper; wax is melted and used as a resist during the painting process. Both the wax (which is removed when the painting is finished) and the fibers in the rice paper add texture while the translucence of the paper softens the colors. The use of wax adds a sparkling effect that enhances every subject.
Watercolor, casein and acrylics can be used individually or in combination on the rigid panels of aquabord, (which works wonderfully for abstracts with lots of texture). Colors are more intense and physical textures add dimension while finishes allow pieces to be framed without mats or glass. I’m still looking for ways to add rich colors and sparkle!

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