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People have shaped the world with their creations throughout human history. I explore intersections between the natural and man-made by painting realistic images, whether portraits, still life, landscape, florals, or animals, that reflect our human inhabited world. More often, I find myself personifying the objects in my work.
Traveling near and far, I delight in both the exotic and mundane, gathering objects that catch my fancy. In my artwork, traces of humanity mingle with natural elements like flavors in a pot. With a dash of curiosity, and a pinch of humor, I see these familiar things in new ways adding beauty and a story. The results often reflect my mood, whether lyrical, whimsical, mysterious, or serene.
While I am comfortable with solitude, I am also sensitive to our connections. I gravitate toward images that reflect a mix of the natural and man-made working together harmoniously. Speaking of reflecting, I enjoy depicting reflective surfaces that, by their very nature, create connections.
As a former math major who loves to paint, I also appreciate the relationships between organic and geometric forms, as well as other technical and compositional relationships such as size, color, balance, and texture. As I engage in the process of communicating that vision with my paint, I am particularly interested in the movement of light around and through objects. I love sharing the results with you, stirring a memory, feeling, or mood, and encouraging you to enjoy and explore your world.

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