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The most important part of the art adventure for me is the idea of staying as true to my own visions and conceptions as possible. It is the willingness to accept the images that come to me with the most force at any given time leads to divergences in my work. I spent three decades doing figurative art, then, I transitioned to natural objects and onto mainly geometric shapes.

Modified geometric shapes are still appearing in the current iconography I am doing. Currently my work explores aspects of the interrelationship of generations. With aging I have watched and experienced the cycle of the gradual shifting of roles, from mother to child and child assuming a parental role with their parent.

These events and their resulting emotions are sometimes happy, but sometimes difficult, requiring a change in perspective. Some of the works I derived from this come under the heading of “Invisible Loom” using a descriptive designation: “Invisible Loom: Triangle”. A few under the heading “Gaining Perspective”. They represent the continuity as well as, the beginning and the end of a thread of an existence.

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