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When I’m looking at a canvas my first thought is, what does that blank space want to say. There are times when I put a black dot on the canvas just to start the conversation in anticipation of what we are going to talk about during my painting session. The smell of the oil paint, colors and shapes taking shape on my canvas creates a story that anyone can read. This becomes the personal exchange between my viewer and my art.

Currently, I’m interested in creating oils inspired by Seurat, Matisse, Klimt and others; focusing on Fauvism and Pointillism. How can anyone resist creating small splotches of color that in the end will talk to you, remind you of the perfect evening or the smell of your favorite cookie?

Most of my pieces are abstract with a few landscapes sprinkled in. My art comes from real life, whether it’s a landscape, fruit or a pile of paint cans.

Ultimately, my art creation is what I’m feeling and capturing in the moment. I hope you hear and feel some of what the canvas is saying when you view my art.

Katherine Bampfield

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