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Adam, Laura & Keating

Travetti Family

Read our brief interview with Adam & Laura

Describe your collection style?
Whimsical, folky, bold and loud, vibrant and anything that just catches my eye.


How do you choose a piece?
It honestly just has to strike a chord.  I see an old trade sign and just know it will fit.  Something fun, anything that makes me smile. Also any unique spaces in my barn that an item will fit in cleanly. 


The first piece you bought?
Harry Dunn's Tattoo Tommy Is Getting Married.


Your favorite piece?
Same, Tattoo Tommy.  Brings back memories.  Plus it is tells a little story within the painting itself.

Collectors Home Tour - Travetti's home
Collectors Home Tour - Travetti's piece that got away

The piece that got away?  Man I wanted this Harry Dunn…Had the spot picked out and everything.  Literally forgot the auction was on a Monday had Tuesday in my head for a week.  Whomever got this piece stole it for what the final gavel dropped for.


Do you both have to agree on a piece?  Nope, Laura is a not as concerned about the art, although she is known to pick some piece out now and again.


What piece did you disagree on then learned to love, or maybe you still disagree on it. 
Again, Laura is pretty open to my collecting habits.  She pretty much goes with my insane flow when it comes to art. 


Do you have a yearly art budget? 
Oh I should!  Laura would love for me to spend less, trust me!  I try to keep most purchases under $1,000 now.  It was not always the case, but now I look for small, unique fun pieces.  It doesn’t need to break the bank to jazz your home up. 

Do you have an idea of where it will go when deciding to purchase art? 
Absolutely.  I buy now based on where I plan to hang.


Are you out of room yet? 
Nope, but when we get close to it getting cluttered we will pare back.

What artist do you currently have your eye on?
I have been purchasing Charles Fazzino lately, it is super fun and fits the barn well.


The piece you desire to have but can't because it's in a museum? 
Well, I would loot the Barnes if I could.  Any Van Gogh would do. 😉

$75 (per person)
Tour 3 Collectors Homes while Sipping on Curated Libations and Noshing on Edible Delights

MAY 6th 6:00 - 10:00 PM 

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