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Cynthia Oswald


As an artist, I believe your work is a compilation of your life experience. For me, it truly has to do with focusing on and creating more of life's simple pleasures through my artwork. I have always had a deep appreciation for how my direct environment can enhance the way I feel. It has led me to explore a blend of fine art and surface design. I love to experience the feeling of discovery and that is something that happens within my creative process. Much of my work is inspired by my early childhood exploring the landscape near my parent's home and studying the many layers of beauty within nature. My artwork and designs are all about bringing that feeling of being grounded in the present moment directly into the home. Taking you right back to those moments of early discovery and giving myself and my collectors a moment of rest. I'm leaning into how an entire room can create that feeling of being present and bring a sense of wholeness into our environment. I'm exploring landscapes and botanical art through mixed media. I primarily work with watercolor and ink. I create pattern designs by scanning my art, rendering it digital for repeat, and repurposing it on wallpaper and fabric for the home. I also create silkscreens for reproduction purposes. I look forward to showing you how a feeling can be created through the art and design that fills your space in the tour this year!

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