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Anna Boothe


My glasswork is comprised of sculptural vessels, flacons, goblets and other decorative objects inspired by antiquity and created with a contemporary twist.

Imbued in each object or assemblage, is a reference to historical artifact, a sense of preciousness and the intangibility, yet familiarity that is associated with collaged memory. Often featured in my vocabulary are shapes derived from nature and the human form, including the hand motif as it represents a ubiquitous cross-cultural human tool of expression, through its symbolic gestures of friendship, generosity, holding, letting go, etc.
I employ this symbol to denote a commonality between cultures and among peoples, i.e. camaraderie and the ability to communicate viscerally without a shared language.

With technical inspiration taken from a 19th C French glass-casting technique known as pate de verre, my glass pieces are created in a kiln by fusing sugary particles of lead crystal. The individual elements are first hand-carved in wax or cast directly from botanicals. Each of the parts is made separately using the lost-wax casting process, then ground, polished and combined with other glass or material components. All works created via this special process, uniquely hold light and appear to glow from within.

My work is sold through my new webstore: PatedeVerity.com.

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