Angela Serricca


I am a metal artist who creates wearable art jewelry. I've been a member of the PA Guild of Craftsmen since July 2018, and a juried member since September 2019. I am a 2007 graduate of Tyler School of Art (of Temple University) where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree for both Metalsmithing and Sculpture. While in college, I experimented with paper pop-up influences and how it could transition to design elements in sheet metal. My smallest jewelry piece created using this technique was a pair of 1/2" square earrings that cradled the earlobe. The largest sculptural piece created with this technique was a giant 3'H x 6'L bent sheet of steel that was installed 6' high up in a corner of a gallery that mirrored the steps adjacent to it. After graduation, I worked for 8 years as a portrait photographer, but then decided it was time to rekindle my love of metalworking and venture out on my own to focus on merging my creative passions. In June of 2015, I officially started my own business named Serricca Studios. I enjoy exploring surface, dimension and space, as well as the unity of organic imagery with minimal and structural design. Therefore, I decided to revisit my pop-up techniques used back in college. "Garden Collection" was my first jewelry study that later became the primary style choice for both my jewelry and sculptural work. My work currently consists of one-of-a-kind, series and custom artwork that utilizes my knowledge and experiences in sculpture, jewelry and photography. Copper is my preferred metal of choice due to its warm color tone, ability to fuse with vitreous enamels, ability to react with colorful patina solutions and to chemical etching processes. Through use of a piercing and sawing technique, sheet metal is hand-cut and then formed to create dimensional designs influenced by nature and paper pop-up techniques. Surfaces may feature a hammered, patina or enamel finish to complete the piece as a wearable work of art for personal adornment, or decorative artwork for personal expression. All work is made in my eastern Pennsylvania home with much attention and care.

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