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Leah Wells


My work is primarily based in digital photographic media and broadened through analog processes, expression, and final medium. The need to make art with my hands, follow my curiosities, and evoke emotion exceeds my need to create a perfect image. The emotional context of a photograph is often transformed by the final medium. In fact, an imperfect, layered and often deconstructed image is a key component of my art.

When capturing moments of fleeting motion, momentary light, translucency, or abstract patterns, I find that the final expression allows for further interpretation and may move beyond the original image and into a place of raw emotion. At times, the image itself may even be so short-lived (such as an image on a fading leaf) that I have to re-photograph it to preserve this ephemeral art.

Whether printing images on leaves using UltraViolet rays from the sun, carefully destroying an image that has been transferred onto botanically-dyed watercolor paper, or soaking ink into the skeletal remains of leaves, I seek to push my understanding of process and open-minded experimentation to help me to achieve a final piece that honors, enhances, or even transcends the original moment I witnessed in camera.

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