Merrill Weber

Mixed Media

Merrill Weber is an award-winning artist whose artwork has been included in galleries, exhibitions, museums and collections throughout the world. Her painting style is loose and impressionistic. The art of capturing snippets of life in creative ways has been her passion for many years. Her engaging work has been described as imaginative, playful, happy and filled with energy and hope. Merrill's goal in painting is to create a conversation with the viewer via her canvas, allowing her to preserve and share in the joy of the moment. Outgoing and funny, Merrill enjoys engaging with her growing number of followers via Facebook and Instagram, where she can be found at @merrillweberart. She publishes a blog and monthly art newsletter titled, "The Good Life of An Artist." She is a Florida native who currently resides with her husband in the Philadelphia area. She has two adult children, one of whom has classic autism.

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