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Al Moretti


I am a painting jazz musician, trumpeter, and composer. When I paint, I think of sound, and when I play music, I think of colors. Rhythm, harmony, articulation, dynamics, and phrasing become part of my creative decisions. I use my music composition process to inspire my painting subjects and style. This connection energizes me to create thru a more conceptional process.

For example, the color yellow when reduced from light vibration to sound vibration sounds the tone Bb, a prominent color since I play a Bb trumpet. All colors can be associated with their tonal equivalents. Using these tones, language, theory, form, and emotional passion of music allows me to go from what I know to what is new.

Music and art continuously intersect in my mind. Though my musical and artistic accomplishments stretch back to the 1970's, I am creating exciting new works in acrylic medium: painting musical icons and themes that have influenced my life and career.

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