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Robert Jenkins


Post Industrial Interiors:
Beauty in the sublime has become the subject matter that has surrounded my watercolor paintings. My work enlivens deteriorated, decayed and abandoned buildings most would shun or fear. Illumination, earthy darkness, textures, and structural patterns combine to create a sense of presence in these places. Beauty is defined in these works in a way that most viewers would not recognize as aesthetically pleasing at first assessment or what society has traditionally labeled as beautiful.

Insect Studies:
When I decided to experiment with three dimensional painting, it seemed like a natural fit to use various insects as my subject matter. In creating a three dimensional image, I felt that it was important to keep the subject matter relatively simple to amplify the details that may have been neglected in a two dimensional image. By painting the insects on a transparent surface it allows the viewer to notice the intricate details that bring each piece to life.

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