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Rachel Heinze

Mixed Media

I use my art to express my deep sense of inner weirdness of which I am both proud and ashamed. We all want to be unique, but also to fit in. My art refuses to try to be “normal” or orderly even when I try to be more mainstream. I am self-taught. In my 40’s I’m just beginning to give more space to a longing since my earliest memories to make and share art. The primary media are textiles and mosaics. For both, they are a hodge-podge of items rummaged from thrift stores and garage sales such as shells, piggy-banks, teapots, beads, doll wigs, artificial flowers, and lots of mirrors and light. I create art from my home which is gradually being overtaken by an ever increasing number of mosaic installations including an infinity mirror hallway, tile mosaic floors, a backsplash which took over most of my kitchen with bright pink grout, and more. Who knows what will be next in the journey to create a space full of chaotic peace and joy?

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