Taylor Bielecki


My paintings help viewers discover what lies beyond that horizon line, to navigate through the darkness. The scenes and cityscapes I depict within my paintings offer a cinematic and dramatic take on the dystopia into which we are trudging. We are the lone survivors. With fast brush strokes, colorful contrasts, and spray paint layers creating unsettling atmospheres over my canvases, I portray nocturnal city streets and places long since forgotten or rarely travelled. I want to place viewers within the roles of both actor and spectator, as I specifically choose each composition as the audience’s point of view that I intend for them to enter and experience the scene.

My paintings focus on mostly creating an atmosphere of suspense, foreboding, and the possibility for danger, and I take inspiration from the cinema, due to its illusion of the real; in that it takes away our autonomy over our perception of reality. Through the warmth of that spectacular light that glimmers from the rain soaked city streets, or flames shimmering on a crashed car in the distance, I turn the average painting into my own scene of those places. Once one leaves the illusion of the works, they return to the harsh realities of society and attempt to endure the real on their own.

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