Katee Boyle

Mixed Media

Katee Boyle explores a wide range of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and installation to create the artifacts and narratives embodied by her work. A conceptually-driven expressionist, Boyle's work stems from memory energized by a sense of momentum. Illustrated by a strong temporal dimension - a place where past, present, and future are always meeting, often colliding or in conflict, Boyle's narratives engage in an endless game of tug of war.  Evident is the desire to move forward but always with a gravitational pull of the past. Boyle speaks in the viscerally raw language of invisibility and social conditioning. The viewer is presented with a deconstructed perspective on emotions, the journey from invisible to visible. Boyle's Artifacts reflect on cultural and gender-nuanced elements of life: birth, death, mother, family, discord, trust and healing. She maps connections between the tangible, the unmentionable and the fleeting. Her work codes external social messages that speak as personal and private but simultaneously resonates with her audience as emotionally-responsive and collectively-shared experiences. Boyle earned her MFA from The School of Visual Arts, NYC. She has exhibited at SOFA Chicago, was a 2018 Winterthur Museum Maker- Creator Fellowship Recipient and is a United States Artist 2021 Fellow Nominee. Her work is in private collections internationally. 

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