Michael Green

Mixed Media

Michael Green has been illuminating sacred text and creating innovative books for twenty years, with over two million copies in print. The Illuminated Rumi is considered a modern classic and his most recent book, The Illuminated Hafiz, a collaboration with Coleman Barks and Robert Bly, was just published. His latest work, SPIRIT OF PLACE is a body of fine art grounded in the ethos of his home in the Brandywine Valley, with its Quaker roots and the simple folk art of Pennsylvania Dutch barn signs. It is Green's intuitive response to the spiritual emptiness at the core of the formidable social and environmental challenges we face today. Not least, Spirit of Place touches the archetypal world of the original dwellers here, the Leni Lenape tribe, who still dance to the beat of their painted drums. Following the ancient Japanese principle of Wabi-Sabi with its appreciation for humble, natural materials, Green often begins with weathered barn siding locally gathered, each piece with a history to tell. He then reaches for mirrors, paint, gold leaf and found objects to create mixed media pieces that fuse ancient and contemporary motifs. His carved and painted drums often slip into fractal designs with a tribal resonance. The Lenape still dance to the heartbeat of their drums, and it's the image of the heart that emerges most often in Spirit of Place, celebrating the luminous, loving source of inspiration that runs through all cultures, adapting and incorporating wherever it goes.

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