Miho Kahn


I come from a long line of women artists from Japan. This line inspires my work as well as my philosophy of life. I'm especially drawn to the philosophy of Wabi Sabi. The notion of celebrating or elevating that which is imperfect, broken or lost and I take particular pleasure in restoring and redeeming those things that might otherwise be overlooked or discarded. I enjoy hiding images in my abstract paintings to invite the viewer to abandon themselves to imagination, wonder and fantasy. My paintings tend to be large and atmospheric and are produced with large movements and Iittle pre planning - I prefer to let the work carry me and teach me. I also find great pleasure in creating small realistic work as the discipline of capturing a realistic image becomes a meditation of both the object and the practice of painting. I consider it a profound privilege to be able to live a creative life. To see. To express myself as an artist, and am continually humbled that people share that gift with me by appreciating my work.

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